Creating a Drill-down

Drill-downs are created from the Window properties dialog boxes within each Display. Use the following procedure to create a drill-down.

On the Window properties dialog box select the Drill Downs tab.

Select the New button to open the 'Select Drill-down field' dialog box where you can choose a field from the Display that the drill-down will be applied to.

Select the OK button.

The 'Select Document’ dialog box will open, from here select the document that the drill-down will call.

In the Type field select the type of document required, i.e. Display, Threshold, Analyst etc. Then in the Available Documents box select the name of the document to be called.

The document type, i.e. Display, Analyst etc, can only be selected for the initial drill-down (the Default). Subsequent drill-downs on the same field (i.e. Conditional drill-downs) must use the same document type as the default.

Select the OK button. This will redisplay the Drill Downs tab where any of the applicable options can be completed.

Depending on what document types are used, different combinations of options are allowed. The following table specifies each of these combinations:

Default drill-down and Conditional drill-downs
Details of the drill-down will now be shown in the Display documents to start field.

The initial drill-down will be at the bottom of the list and labelled as 'Default'. This is used either when no Conditional drill-downs have been added, or if the Where Clause specified in any Conditional drill-down has not been met. See Conditional Drill-downs for further details. Conditional drill-downs will show their respective Where Clause in the Condition column.

Substitutions - see Drill-down Substitutions for details.

Link Options - select the action to be performed when the drill-down is selected. See Display Link Options for details.

When complete, select the OK button to save the drill-down setup, or select another tab to continue completing the Window properties.

Titles for 'Drill-down' Displays

For information on how to carry forward data from a parent Display into the title of a 'drill-down' Display please refer to Adding a Node Name to Title Text via a Drill-down.

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