Availability Monitoring

The feature is licensed as Availability Manager on the following platforms: LINUX  LINUX WINDOWS

The feature is licensed as Availability Reporting on the following platforms: NONSTOP

Availability Monitoring provides 'real-time' availability monitoring and reporting for a range of system entities, including; services, executables, processes, TCP/IP network links, hardware such as CPUs and disks, and in fact, any entity that a system relies on to function properly. In addition, groups of hardware and software entities that make up complex work processes can be grouped together into business orientated logical applications to make it easier to view the overall availability.

Availability Monitoring instantly identifies when a monitored entity stops, starts or otherwise changes status. It can also provide visual and audio alerts to warn of potential problems or slow response times.

In addition to 'real-time' monitoring, Availability Monitoring automatically captures detailed availability statistics and can generate service level reports.

Seamless integration enables the monitoring of entities running on HPE NonStop, UNIX, Linux and Windows servers.

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