Enabling HA Autofailback

After the system has performed and automatic failover from the Primary Server to the Secondary Server in the event of a Primary Server failure, the Automatic Failover feature is temporarily disabled.

This behavior is desirable to prevent an automatic failback before the administrator has rectified the cause of the failure of the Primary server.

Once the Primary Server is operational, the Automatic Failover system must be re-enabled to allow the system to return to normal operation.

Enable Autofailback

To re-enable Automatic Failover and cause the system to failback to the normal operating state, follow these steps:

Logon to the Web Application - Administration Tool on the Management Server.

In the navigation panel on the left, click on High Availability. Access to this page is only available to users with appropriate permissions.

Verify that HA Autofailover is currently disabled for the HA Pair currently in the failover state

Click the Manage button for the HA Pair.

Re-Enable Automatic failover for this HA Pair by clicking the Enable Autofailover button.

This button will only be available when the Automatic Failover feature has been manually turned on, for details see HA Automatic Failover and Failback

Once Autofailover has been enabled, the system will perform an automatic failback so that the Primary Server is active and automatic failover detection will be running to detect future Primary Server failures.

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