Monitoring Transaction Surveillance Data

The Transaction Surveillance product includes a range of pre-packaged Displays that provide information on each active rule and details of each captured transaction exception, such as capture time, exception number, rule name, PAN and/or terminal id. In addition, Transaction Surveillance also provides detailed information about the individual transactions that make up each transaction exception, including transaction amounts, transaction codes, response codes and account details.

To access these Displays from the Web Application - View Systems tool, go to the Group navigation pane, expand the 'Transact' item and then click on the appropriate payments system. This will populate the Instance navigation pane with a list of monitored payment servers for the vendor. Click on a server name to open the Vendor dashboard.

Transaction Surveillance also includes Thresholds that can be set up to trigger alerts to help desk staff via an alternative means, such as email, when specific transaction exceptions occur.

Further Displays allow operators to see recent transactions by terminal or PAN and by keeping the Display open new transactions will be seen as they occur.

Transaction exception information can also be collected into a database and reported weekly (with combines), to give high-level statistics on the frequency of certain types of exceptions.

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