Transaction Surveillance

Transaction Surveillance is available for use on the following payments switches: BASE24 BASE24-EPS CONNEX IST/SWITCH POSTILION

Transaction Surveillance is designed to extract transaction details, in real time, based upon user-defined rules from financial networks. It can then make this data available to the necessary business groups for analysis.

Based on the highly efficient architecture used in the Transaction Manager products, Transaction Surveillance is able to achieve real time transaction visibility with extremely low overheads.

Typically, the user-defined rules specify problem conditions where a transaction should be flagged as an exception. When a transaction exception occurs, Transaction Surveillance can instantly show the transaction and alert any interested parties via email or pager (when used in conjunction with the Automated Operations product). Transaction Surveillance captures details of the transaction including the PAN (Primary Account Number), terminal id, amount, location, currency and much more.

Transaction Surveillance also allows operators to monitor a particular terminal or cardholder to view transactions as they occur.

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