Web Application Reports for Tokenized Payments

A range of pre-packaged reports for Tokenized Payments data are provided through the Web Application. Data is replayed from the various Transact Database Collections which need to be running on the Monitoring Server.

Reports can be accessed from the Web Application, click on the Reports button on the toolbar to open the Reports Central page. Under the Tokenized Payments section, the following reports will be shown. For further details of how to utilize these reports see Web Application Reporting.

The following reports are provided:

  • Tokenized Payments Adoption Summary
    Adoption rate of tokenized payments i.e. mobile wallets etc.
  • Tokenized Payments Adoption Summary By BIN
    Tokenized transaction adoption summary by BIN.
  • Tokenized Payments Adoption Summary By Wallet
    Total transaction dollar amounts by wallet.
  • Tokenized Payments Approvals vs Declines
    Approvals vs Declines.
  • Tokenized Payments Token Activations
    Token activations by wallet type.

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