Edge Integration

-New- Prognosis 12.0

This feature is for use on the following platforms: LINUX WINDOWS

Using the Edge architecture, it is possible to integrate transaction data from previously unsupported payment applications into version 12.0 and later for troubleshooting and analytics. These may include vendor solutions or custom applications. 

In version 12.0, it is not possible to configure and utilize the Edge Integration without obtaining further files, not covered in this section.

If this is required, please reach out to your IR Sales Representative to access the Transact Edge Integration package.

A number of configuration procedures need to be completed in order to configure Edge Integration to monitor transactions from the various data sources. This section provides detailed instructions on how to carry out these configurations with the following steps showing the recommended procedure to follow.

Enable Monitoring Server Features

Once a transaction source has been configured and data is flowing into the Monitoring Server, the following features can be utilized:

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