Connex Overview

ATM and POS transactions occurring in a Connex environment are logged to a set of log files. When one file is full Connex will start logging to a new file. The process responsible for this is known as the 'logger' process. Each Connex installation can have multiple logger processes, each logging transactions to its own set of log files.

Each log file can contain ATM and POS transactions, alert and status messages and Connex command execution output.

There is a catalog file for the logging subsystem, known as 'LGWARM'. This provides information on log files for all loggers in the Connex system. It includes an indication of the currently active log file for each configured logger and it also maintains a list of all previous log files.

A copy of the Transaction Log Reader (TLR) is spawned for each Connex logger to be monitored, as defined by the 'LGWARM' file. The data is collected using the ConnexPosTransactionSummary and ConnexAtmTransactionSummary Records.

Transact will pass to the Transaction Log Reader (TLR) the necessary configuration parameters, including: the location of the LGWARM file, the name of the logger process to be monitored, the mode and sub mode the Connex Transaction Log Reader is to operate in and any starting file location information.

The TLR spawned for Connex is called IRCNXTLR and the same object or executable file is used for both ATM/POS Transaction Monitoring and Transaction Surveillance monitoring.
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