Business Insight

Business Insight is an add-on module that provides a broad range of reporting tools for the Transact product lines.

Business Insight makes use of the Microsoft SQL Server toolset, which consists of SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Reporting Services. It can be used to satisfy a broad range of reporting requirements with 'out of the box' report packs. It can also be used to generate reports using more advanced SQL queries and other functions to support custom requirements.

Business Insight can scale to store billions of rows of data (many years’ worth) with the storage format providing a compromise between the efficiency of storage performance and ease of use. Data is constantly streamed to the Business Insight database so that health indicator metrics (e.g. Voice Quality) will be available for reporting or search within minutes of being completed.

Business Insight provides a solution that:

  • Allows data that is currently being captured to be compared with data from the past.
  • Provides a method of finding events that occurred seconds ago, months ago or even years ago.
  • Supplies access to data that can be used to find the root cause of problems.
  • Allows reporting on long term trends in key metrics.

Predefined report packs are available across the supported technologies to fulfill typical reporting requirements for Payments Switches and PRM. Business Insight is flexible and dynamic to respond to individual reporting requirements based on customer needs, for example, Locations, Top N Listings, Numbers, Subnets and Service Level Calculations.

The following capabilities are available by using Business Insight:

  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ reports that leverage metrics collected by Transact.
  • Scheduled and on demand reporting capabilities.
  • Capability to distribute reports automatically via email to predefined lists of recipients or saved to a file share.
  • New reports can be configured and generated easily using industry standards based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Reports that can be easily configured to display data in either graphical or tabular format.
  • Several Report formats are available allowing customized commentary to be added to each document (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, CSV, XML).

The 'out-of-the-box' report packs can be extended to address specific reporting needs. Using the packaged reports and the underlying stored procedures as a basis, the built-in SQL Reporting Services Report Builder can be used to copy and modify existing reports or create entirely new ones. To assist with this, the schema for the data models is available. More details on using the SSRS Report Builder can be found in the Microsoft documentation and tutorials.

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