ATM Outage Adjuster Setup

As the ATM Outage Adjuster application is working with very sensitive data, it is important to make some preparations prior to getting started.


  1. A list of the ATMs that require reporting data to be adjusted.
  2. Identify all ATMs that require the same adjustment.
  3. Have a clear idea of what data needs to be adjusted.
  4. Identify what dates the data needs to be adjusted for.

Setup Procedure

Once the prerequisite details are available, proceed and start up the ATM Outage Adjuster application.

The opening window contains a table that is used to list the ATMs requiring adjustment, initially this table will be blank. The window also includes six Adjustment buttons that activate Wizards to lead you through the various adjustment options, these will only become active once the ‘ATM(s) to adjust’ table has been populated with one or more ATMs.

To populate the ‘ATM(s) to adjust’ table select the Add… button. This will open the ‘Select ATM(s)’ dialog box.

The ‘Select ATM(s)’ dialog box is used to find and select ATMs that are to be included for the same adjustment. The drop-down ‘With’ field allows you to choose the method by which to search for an ATM, the options include: ID, Schedule, Group, Owner, City and Location. The adjoining field is used to enter the relevant search criteria. Wildcards '*' (representing any number of characters) and '?' (representing a single character) can be used. The second line provides additional search criteria to assist in narrowing down the ATM list. In addition, a time period can be selected.

When the search criteria has been entered, click the Find Now button to run the search.

After the search has been run, the results will be shown in the central ATM table. The checkbox in the first column of the table is used to select the required ATMs from the list, by default all found ATMs will have this box checked.

Once the required ATMs have been selected, click on the Add Selected ATM(s) button. The main window will be re-displayed with the selected ATMs displayed in the ‘ATM(s) to adjust’ table.

The current details and hours of operation of an ATM can be viewed by highlighting the required ATM and then selecting the Details.. button. This button will only be active when a single ATM is selected.

You can now select one of the six buttons to carry out the required adjustment on the ATMs. For each adjustment option, a Wizard will lead you through the process.

When the Wizard has finished the adjustment you will be returned to the main window. If you have further adjustments to make you can select another Wizard, or if different ATMs are required you can add or remove items from the current ‘ATM(s) to adjust’ list then select an Adjustment Wizard.

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