ATM Outage Adjuster Overview

The ATM Outage Adjuster application is only applicable for ATM Availability reports and is intended for use by the ATM Report Operator to carry out adjustments to ATM data affecting the availability reports.

The report adjustments that can be made include:

  • Adjust scheduled hours

  • Select different schedule

  • Reapply altered schedule

  • Adjust actual hours

  • Adjust details

  • Remove hours from reports

The ATM details and hours of operation are initially defined in ATM Manager with the hours of operation set-up through the SCHEDULE and AVAILABILITY Configurations. An SQL database, sourced with data from ATM Manager, is then used as the basis for the ATM Manager reporting.

Sometimes changes may be applied to the SCHEDULE or AVAILABILITY Configurations after the scheduled time has passed. In this case, the changes will not be applied automatically to those past dates and times. The ATM Outage Adjuster application has been designed to allow the ATM Report Operator to also apply any such adjustments to the SQL reporting data retrospectively and then regenerate any incorrect reports. For more information on the types of problems that can be solved with the ATM Outage Adjuster please refer to Common Scenarios for ATM Outage Adjuster.

Data collected prior to the installation of ATM Outage Adjuster cannot be accessed by this application. In addition, data for 'today' cannot be adjusted as it has not yet been exported to the SQL database(s) on which reports are based. To adjust data for 'today' it will be necessary to wait until 'tomorrow'.

After Prognosis has been installed on the MS Windows server, the ATM Outage Adjuster application (ATMOutageAdjuster.exe)  is accessed from the following folder path

Prognosis\Server\ATM Outage Adjuster\ATMOutageAdjuster.exe

Selecting the ATM outage Adjuster option will open the User Interface from where you can access the various functions provided by this application.

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