Records for ATM Manager

ATM Manager provides a number of records that are used to obtain information about ATM operations, these include:

Contains a row for each reporting component on the ATM Manager database server. Shows the current status of each component.

Collects details of the cash holding in each ATM hopper. This includes;

  • The total amount of money, the number of notes and the denomination of notes in the hopper at any given time,

  • The change in cash holding and the number of notes between each interval,

  • The total amount of money and the number of notes in the hopper after the last replenishment,

Contains detailed information about each ATM including; location, status, cash/hopper holdings, fault descriptions plus it also allows for User Defined Fields to be created.
Contains a row for each ticket that is currently open and identifies each with a unique ticket number. The record contains information about the cause of the problem as well as the current state of the resolution.
Contains a row for each closed Problem Ticket. This record is useful for viewing or reporting on the recent problem history of an ATM. By default, approximately the last 30,000 closed tickets are kept on disk.
This record contains information about the history of a given ticket. Automatic notes are added when the ticket changes state and there is also the ability to add free format user notes.
This is the entity ticket note record. It contains the text that details the processing of the problem ticket and identifies how the note was added.
Contains a row for each command received via email by Dispatch Manager. It contains the information about the command that was received, the time it was received, who sent it and whether it was accepted for processing.
Contains a row for every email that has been sent by Dispatch Manager that contained the ability to execute commands in return. It contains information about the source of the dispatch, the context variables and the expiry time for any return commands.
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