ATM Manager Reporting

The ATM Manager Reporting feature is used to generate scheduled reports for ATM Availability and Service Time Analysis. Reports are produced in the form of Microsoft Word documents with embedded OLE components to render charts and tables based on data contained in the reporting database. These reports are generated and then stored in a configured folder with a file name format that identifies the period for which they are relevant. A separate report is generated for each ATM owner, as identified in the source ATMMON record.

A standalone ad-hoc reporting utility, 'Interactive Report Generation', is also provided that allows for the re-running of scheduled reports or reporting for non-standard periods. A user interface is provided with this tool so that the report type, ATM owner(s) and reporting periods can be selected and then the reports easily generated as required with the click of a button.

Another utility, ATM Outage Adjuster, is provided to allow the editing of report data to adjust for unexpected problems (e.g. incorrect schedule specified, host outages, Prognosis outages or missing data). It can adjust the reporting data for sets of ATMs, allowing the regeneration of reports that originally contained inaccuracies.

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