ATM Manager Features

Some of the monitoring features offered by ATM Manager include the following:

Operations Management

From an operational point of view, ATM Manager provides detailed status information for all ATMs in the monitored environment. The information provided includes:

  • Owner, Location, Branch, Region and ATM type details.

  • State of the terminal, OPEN or CLOSED.

  • Status of communication lines

  • Details of the time when each ATM last went down and came up.

  • Cash hopper details, including total end cash and total cash out.

  • Denomination of banknotes held

  • Plus much more.

Problem Management

ATM Manager is also used to create and manage Manually Creating Problem Tickets for faults that are detected on monitored ATMs. It provides the facilities to carry out the following tasks:

  • Dispatch tickets to service providers.

  • Email updates into ATM Manager.

  • Automate problem resolutions using Analyst rules or Thresholds.

  • Track tickets and monitor their progress.

  • View/track only overdue tickets.

  • Manually modify existing tickets, raise new tickets and add notes.

  • Attempt to fix problems by issuing commands to the ATM.

  • Generate a range of reports including Availability and Service Time Analysis.

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