ATM Manager

ATM Manager is available for use on the following payments switches: BASE24 BASE24-EPS POSTILION

ATM Manager provides a comprehensive solution for managing day-to-day ATM operations. The functionality provided makes it easy to monitor all ATM problems and manage ATMs pro-actively, ensuring the highest level of efficient operations. Real-time Displays/dashboards are provided with ATM Manager that is used by operators to monitor and report on ATM status with the ability to automatically dispatch Problem Tickets for an extensive range of ATM issues. Service personnel can acknowledge or update ticket status remotely and third-party service providers can update their estimated arrival time, add ticket commentary or query the ATM status.

ATM Manager can be used with the following payment systems:

  • ACI BASE24
  • ACI BASE24-eps
  • ACI Postilion

With ATM Manager, it is possible to:

  • Remotely access and analyze all payment system transaction data

  • Optimize rules, streamline queues and flag overdue tickets

  • Analyze down times by ATM type, group or service provider

  • Access real-time data on availability, service times, transaction timeouts, underutilized ATMs, or BINS with excessive denials

  • Generate detailed reports on thousands of diagnostic metrics

  • Remotely reboot, update software and manage your entire ATM fleet from a single dashboard

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