ACI Proactive Risk Manager

Proactive Risk Managerâ„¢, or PRM, is a comprehensive debit and credit card fraud detection product developed by ACI Worldwide. PRM works by evaluating the probability that transactions are fraudulent and then uses a series of rules to determine if an alert should be generated for the transaction. Reviewers analyze the alerts that have been generated in order to determine a correct course of action to take.

Transact provides a solution to monitor and manage the Proactive Risk Manager environment including an insight into the rules, queues and reviewer performance as well as in-depth coverage of the infrastructure that PRM is running on.

Transact provides monitoring support for ACI Proactive Risk Manager versions 7 and 8. However, it can only be configured to support a single PRM version at a time, i.e. both versions cannot be monitored in the same server simultaneously.

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