Data Collection for Postilion

ACI Postilion monitoring provides data metrics for a number of internal counters as well as information on the actual current state, performance and responsiveness of the system and applications. Postilion System and Terminal overview information are also available, as is ISO8583 transaction information collected from the Postilion Online Transaction processing environment.

Transact can be used to detect, monitor and report on commonly occurring Postilion issues such as:



Postilion Realtime application is blocked or locked

Transact is able to identify Realtime applications that are unable to process internal events in a timely manner. This is usually the result of an external factor but could also be due to an internal application problem.

Transactions from a particular entity may be experiencing high error rates

Transact is able to identify entities that may be timing out or have a high percentage of transactions rejected.

Slow transaction response times

Below average response times indicate poor responses from other institutions.

Postilion Realtime application slow or unable to handle workload

Postilion internal processing queue allows the application to handle spikes in activity. However, continued high levels of queueing and high event processing times indicate that the system and/or application cannot handle the workload.

Network problems affecting transaction processing

Transact is able to identify the number of active and inactive of node connections.

High number of POS/ATM devices down in a region

Direct operations are able to identify suspect or out of service devices.

Transactions from a particular source are all being declined

Transact is able to show details of why transactions are being declined. For example, time-out from the issuing institution.

Monitoring of a particular product
(e.g. private label card)

Transact is able to closely monitor specific card types.

Monitoring for particular types of transactions or presentment
(e.g. Customer not present)

Transact is able to identify the type of card presentment under which the transaction takes place at the Point of Service.

Need to identify Postilion Realtime Framework components relating to a specific transaction or vice versa

Transact is able to identify the Postilion Source and Sink nodes relating to an individual transaction and also monitor transactions specifically relating to Postilion Framework components.

Transactions are being declined

Transaction results can be monitored using a dashboard type Display with views by response code, issuer, acquirer or Postilion component.

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