ACI Postilion

The Postilion product range, offered by ACI Worldwide, provides payments, online banking and branch banking solutions for financial institutions, retailers, independent sales organizations and payment processors.

ACI Postilion transaction monitoring now includes Transaction Manager and Transaction Surveillance functionality. These features provide real-time summary statistics that enable alerts on transaction anomalies such as; high decline rates, high stand-in or reversal counts, or drop-offs in transaction rates. The new functionality is provided in the form of new Postilion transaction summary records, dashboards, reports and alerts. In addition, new settings have been added to the POSTILION Configuration to support the new features.

The full range of Postilion monitoring now includes:

*Application Manager and Transaction Manager are configured using the same procedures.

  • Transaction Surveillance
    This product makes use of user-defined rules to extract transaction data for analysis which in turn is used to assist in the detection of fraudulent transactions.

  • ATM Manager
    This is used to manage problem tickets for faults detected on monitored ATMs. It also provides the facilities to automate problem resolutions or to attempt manual intervention.

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