Web Application Setup for MTS Pulse Monitor

Applicable for MTS Pulse Monitor only

In order to prepare the Web Application to better display MTS Pulse Monitor data, it is recommended that the following set up be made in the Administration Tool for all Pulse Monitor users.

Set up the Navigators

Open the Administration tool of the Web Application.

All Programs > Prognosis > Prognosis Administration

Open the Navigation page.

Scroll down to the 'Configure Navigation Views' section and then click the Add New Navigation View button.

In the input field add a new Navigation View name, e.g. 'MTS Pulse'.

In the Navigation View list, locate and uncheck all items except for 'MTS Work Flow'.

Click the Add button.

The Navigation page will re-open with the new Navigation View added.

Set the Home Page

Open the Security page.

For the 'Public' security role, click the Edit button.

In the 'Home Page' field add the URL for the Work Flow Display that all users will need to access. To locate the required URL use the following steps:

Single MTS Work Flow Server

Open the View Systems window. In the first navigator column select  MTS Work Flow and then in the second navigator column click on the MTS server name. When the MTS Work Flow Display opens copy the URL.

Multiple MTS Work Flow Servers

If multiple MTS Work Flow servers have been configured, only click on MTS Work Flow in the first navigator panel and then copy the URL of the MTS Work Flow - All Nodes Display.

When copy/pasting the URL, it is recommended that the prefix 'https://<server-address>/Prognosis/Dashboard/' be omitted so that if the web server address is changed at a later stage, the home page link will continue to function (i.e. add everything after 'Dashboard/').

The Web Browser will add an '&_suid=<number>' field to the URL, this field should be omitted.

Click the Update button located underneath the 'Home Page' input field. If the URL is correct a 'Success' indicator will be shown.

Move down to the 'Navigation View' field and select the new navigation view that was created in the previous 'Set up the Navigators' section, e.g. 'MTS Pulse'.

Click the adjacent Update button.

For a single server URL, turn off (uncheck) the 'Show Navigation' option. For a multiple server URL leave the 'Show Navigation' option turned on (checked).

When finished click the Back button.

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