ACI Money Transfer System

Money Transfer Systemâ„¢, or MTS, is a multi-bank, multi-currency payment processing system developed by ACI Worldwide. It provides a complete integrated payment solution for domestic and international funds transfer by combining queue management, message routing, message translation and formatting, together with sophisticated payment processing, risk control and liquidity management software.

Transact provides System Administrators with the 'real-time' data that is necessary to ensure efficient MTS operations. The data provided can be used to check for queue 'bottlenecks', monitor line status and ensure that critical deadlines are met. All of the data metrics are easily accessed through a range of pre-packaged MTS Displays. These provide System Administrators with a dashboard view of the overall MTS operations in their payments environment.

MTS Pulse Monitor

In addition to the full MTS Monitoring product, as described above, Transact also has available the abridged MTS Pulse Monitor product. This product is limited to Queue and Account Summary monitoring and offers a secure web-based replacement for the former ACI Excel based tool.

For further details please see the MTS Pulse Monitor.

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