Thresholds and Alerts for BASE24

Transact includes the following pre-configured Thresholds that are used to monitor the ACI BASE24 and BASE24-eps systems. Once running, they will automatically alert administrators when configured events (Threshold Conditions) occur.

Starting Thresholds/Alerts

The option to start these Thresholds will be made available during the Prognosis installation on the HPE NonStop Server. However, if not started at this time or if installing on UNIX or Linux (for BASE24-eps), the Thresholds can be started manually by using either of the following procedures:

Web Application:

Open the Web Application - Administration Tool. In the navigation panel click on the required Monitoring server and then go to the Thresholds section in the main panel. This section will show if the Threshold is currently running or not. If it is not running, click the Start New button which will open a Threshold list. From the list scroll down to the Threshold name, click the adjacent radio button and then go to the end of the list and click the Start button. Wait until a prompt is displayed saying 'Threshold started successfully' and then click the OK button.

Windows Client:

From the Document Navigator expand the either of the following folder paths:

Knowledge → Transact → BASE24 → Thresholds

Knowledge → Transact → BASE24-eps → Thresholds

Locate and then drag the required Threshold item down to the Nodes Navigator onto the server that it is to be run on.

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