Technical Support

IR provides technical support through our IR Community website. In order to obtain access to support and knowledge articles, you must Register at IR Community. Please allow up to 24 hours for your registration to become active.

If a problem is encountered with the Prognosis system and an answer cannot be found in the online help then please refer to the IR Community.

A User ID and Password are required to access the IR Community website if you don't have a logon, then please Register on the home page. 

Once in the 'IR Community', you will have access to a series of product focused 'Forums' to provide support on known issues and answers. A search function is also provided so that specific terms can be used to filter through the library of 'Known Issues', 'FAQs', 'Abstracts' etc.

In addition, a ‘Support Bulletin’ section provides a list of known problems with recommended patch fixes.

Should the ‘Forums’ and the ‘Support Bulletin’ sections not provide a solution to your problem, then Create a Support Case through the Support Case Portal. See Reporting an Issue for details.

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