Extractor Script Text Characteristics and Limitations

An Extractor script has the following general characteristics and limitations:

  • Case is ignored, except for text enclosed in double quotes.

  • Lines beginning with; !, / or ; are treated as comments and ignored.

  • Blank lines are ignored.

  • Instructions are delimited by new lines, that is, each instruction must be on a different line from the previous instruction.

  • The maximum length of a line is 255 characters.

  • The first two instructions in a script must be RECORD and FILETYPE, in that order.

  • Text enclosed in double quotes can contain the following backslash escape sequences:
    \\   for a single backslash
    \”   for a double quote
    \t   for a TAB character.

This allows these otherwise special characters to be treated as literal in the string. For example:

DELIMITERS  "\""  is syntactically valid to set the delimiter set to a double quote character.
DELIMITERS  """  is syntactically invalid.

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