Extractor Scripts

The purpose of Extractor scripts is to scan specified file content and command outputs in order to collect data into appropriate data types for the population into Records.

An Extractor script is written as a text file and consists of a range of instructions, it is usually saved with a file extension of .EXT. A number of pre-packaged Extractor scripts are provided and these can be found in the <Prognosis_Home>\Server\Configuration folder. The Extractor Scripts are run by adding the script filename to the Configuration for the File Extractor.

The instructions contained in the Extractor script file normally flow in sequential order. Selection and iteration are provided by means of labels together with the IF, GOTO, OnEOL and OnEOF statements. There is no concept of a function or procedure.

Variables are provided which can be assigned the value of arithmetic operations, be used in arithmetic expressions, be assigned with the value from the input and have their values assigned to numeric fields in Records.

The Extractor script file is parsed on startup of the collector and at the EXTRACTOR Configuration start. Any syntax errors are detected and reported at this time. An exception to this rule is the Where statement as the syntax of the Where statement (it has the Where ‘where-clause’ label) is checked at static configuration start but the where-clause is not parsed until runtime when it is parsed and evaluated.

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