Web Application Reporting

Through the Web Application, the Reports dashboard provides a centralized point for generating data reports for all monitored systems. To generate a report, use the following procedure.

Click the Reports button on the toolbar to open the Reports Central page.

From the list on the left, click on the server type or vendor name that the report is required for. This will open a list of the available report types.

From the list, click on the required report type. This will open a blank report page with a number of selection fields located at the top. The use of these list boxes allows report data to be manipulated on screen immediately, for example a report showing 'today's' data can be quickly changed to the same report showing 'yesterdays' data. This allows for fast and easy data comparisons.

The selection available will depend upon the type of report being requested, but may include:


Select which monitored server the report is required for.


Select the period that the historical report data is required for:

Last 60 Minutes
This Week
Last Week
This Month
Last Month


Select which cluster the report is required for.

When the necessary selections have been made, click the Go button to generate the report.

After a report is selected, the data will be displayed in a format similar to the following example.

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