Configure Path Insight to Authenticate with Active Directory Users.

It is possible to configure Path Insight to only allow access to authenticated users, this can be done by manually assigning users and roles using the Authentication tab of the PI Configuration Tool, refer to Page 141 in the Path Insight User Guide.

Another way is to allow Path Insight to authenticate using Active Directory and specifying which groups have access to the application using Active Directory groups.

This process is not documented in the Path Insight User Guide, to enable this feature, follow these steps.

Ensure the TotalView Service is running as an Active Directory Service Account (Minimum: Domain Member and Local Administrator on the TotalView Host)

Restart the Service and Make sure it Starts Correctly

Open the Path Insight Configuration Tool.

Select the Authentication tab, select 'Active Directory', then Click 'Apply'

Select the Roles tab and Create a New Role

Select the Appropriate Level of Access; or select Full

Name the Role to match an Active Directory Security Group you would like to use for granting access. Only users in this group will be given access to Path Insight.

This name needs to match the Active Directory group exactly.

Do not use a Security Group that has Groups Within it (Nested).

Create Additional Roles for Other Teams as necessary.

Try not to overlap group memberships.

Select 'Apply' to Restart the Service.

Logging into Path Insight

Once authenticated access has been enabled in Path Insight, either by configuring a manual set of users or using an Active Directory group, the user will be required to log into Path Insight when the 'Network' link is used in the Web Application.

The user will then be required to log in using the Path Insight login screen

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