Databases for Microsoft Teams

A set of pre-packaged Database documents are provided that are used to collect Microsoft Teams operating data. While the running of these Databases is optional, it is recommended that they are started in order to obtain a full data collection for the reporting facility.

The pre-packaged databases include:

Database nameTypeWrapping Interval (1)Maximum Size (1)Start
Database - MsTeams-HealthCollection7 Days2 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-CallsCollection7 Days8 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-CountsCollection7 Days1.6 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-MediacsCollection7 Days8 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-MediasCollection7 Days8 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-ReportMetrics -New-Collection60 Days8 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-SegmentsCollection7 Days8 GBAutomatic
Database - MsTeams-SessionsCollection7 Days8 GBAutomatic
(1) These values may be incorrect, please validate with the actual information on each Database property page.

(2) The Database Summaries will start automatically after the associated Database Collection has started.

Starting Databases

The Database Collection is normally started from the initial configuration page of the Web Application. Otherwise, it can be started manually by using the following procedure:

Web Application:

Open the Web Application - Administration tool. In the navigation panel expand the Monitoring server name and click on the required device. This will open the 'Update' page. Check the 'Start Standard Databases and Thresholds' box at the bottom of the page and then click the Update button.

Windows Client:

From the Document Navigator expand the following folder path:

Knowledge → Collaborate → Microsoft → Teams → Databases

Locate and then drag the required Database item down to the Nodes Navigator onto the server that it is to be run on.

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