Skype for Business Server Roles

Each machine that is running Skype for Business can be used to run one or more of the following 'server roles':

  • Archiving Server

  • A/V Conferencing Server

  • Back End Server (SQL Database)

  • Director Server

  • Edge Server

  • Front End Server

  • Monitoring Server

  • Mediation Server

These 'server roles' define the functionality that the machine is to provide. However, not all of these 'server roles' are required in every environment, only the 'server roles' that are explicitly required need to be deployed. For scalability and high availability, most 'server roles' can be pooled together and deployed on multiple machines.

The monitoring solution is set up with each Monitoring Server supporting one or more Skype 'Sites'. Each 'Site' can include one or more Skype 'server roles':

For further details, see Skype for Business Deployment Options

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