Experience Quality 360 for Cisco Webex

Experience Quality 360 (EQ360) feature enables more comprehensive experience management to proactively improve user satisfaction. 

This new experience management functionality builds on initial support for Cisco Webex, by enabling:

  • Complete end-to-end visualization of call or meeting sessions to better understand user experience.
  • Faster troubleshooting and problem resolution to increase user satisfaction.
  • Proactive identification of issues impacting a broader user base from a single call allowing for domain isolation.

The CiscoWebex-Mediacs and CiscoWebex-Sessions Databases must be running on the Monitoring Server in order to provide the Experience Quality 360 data. These databases can be started through the Web Application - Administration tool in the Databases section. Once these databases are running, Experience Quality data for a call from the point of origin to the final destination can be viewed through the EQ360 graph.

Through the Web Application, the EQ360 graph shows a graphical representation for a call as it arrives and departs from a particular device.

The EQ360 data can be accessed through the Session Details Display. This Display will provide an EQ360 view from the Cisco Webex platform perspective. 

Hovering the cursor over any point on each line will open an information box. This box will contain specific details about the quality of the call leg.

An example EQ360 pop-up box may look like:

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