Cisco Webex Architecture

The Cisco Webex monitoring solution will provide the following capabilities:

  • Meetings Quality - Details of historical and in-progress meetings
  • Licenses - Overview of subscriptions and consumption of units
  • Network Impacts - Insight into the relation between locations, ISPs, network/transport types and meeting quality
  • Participant Insights - Insight into participants and hosts: usage and issues 
  • Endpoint Readiness - Details of client types and versions, capture and render devices
  • Reports - Daily, weekly and monthly reports on the above
  • Alerts - Near real time and summary alerts for issues related to meetings

In order to deliver these capabilities, IR will use both its Cloud platform and Server platform to collect, analyze and report the Cisco Webex data. 

The following diagram shows how the Cisco Webex data is collected and presented to users of the Prognosis Server platform.

To link the parts together, the following items need to be configured...

Ensure that all the prerequisites are met. This is detailed in Cisco Webex Prerequisites

Configure the IR Cloud platform to retrieve data from Cisco Webex. This is detailed in Cloud Configuration for Cisco Webex

Configure the Monitoring Server to retrieve data from the IR Cloud platform, This is detailed in Monitoring Server Configuration for Cisco Webex

Once these steps are complete, use the Monitoring Server to monitor, analyze and report on the Cisco Webex application, calls and users.

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