Provide TLS Certificate for CMS CDR Collection

If a HTTPS connection is going to be used for CDR collection, then the certificates will need to be provided and configured, as shown below.

From the Web Application - Administration tool or the Windows Client, open the CMSCDR Configuration.

Add DEFINE HTTP_PROFILE and DEFINE PARAMS statement to configure the global CDR collection mechanism, for details refer to CMSCDR Configuration Syntax.



DEFINE HTTP_PROFILE (CMSCDR, port=6000, ssl=1, TLSCertchain=server_cert.pem )
DEFINE PARAMS (ActiveExpiryPeriod=86400, CompletedExpiryPeriod=60)
DEFINE PARAMS (ApiQueryPeriod=30, ApiQueryTimeout=5, ApiQueryValidateSSL=0, ApiQueryBatchSize=100, "ApiQueryProxy=")

When finished click the Start button then close the properties dialog box.

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