Configure CDR Receiver

CMS generates Call Detail Records (CDRs) internally for key call-related events, such as a new SIP connection arriving at the server or a call being activated or deactivated. In order to monitor the CMS, the Meeting Server must be configured to send these CDRs to the Monitoring Server (the 'receiver').

Assuming that a port for listening to HTTP POST messages has already been set up, the following procedure should be followed:

Log on to Web Admin interface of the CMS, i.e. https://<cms-ip-address>:445

Go to Configuration → CDR Settings.

In the 'CDR Receiver Settings' section, enter the http or https URI of the CDR receiver, i.e. the Monitoring Server in the format:


For example:

If the Monitoring Server IP address is and the port configured is 6000 (Default) then the URI is entered as:

Where 'CMSCluster1' is the name of CMS Cluster and 'CMServer1'  is the name of the Meeting Server as configured within the Cluster on the Monitoring Server.

The port number should match the one in the Monitoring Server Configuration. Also, ensure that this port allows HTTP POST messages.

When finished click the Submit button.

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