Configuration for Cisco Meeting Server

A number of configuration procedures need to be completed in order to collect Cisco Meeting Server data. This section provides detailed instructions on how to carry out these configurations with the following steps showing the recommended procedure to follow.

Cisco Meeting Server Setup

The following configurations need to be set up through the CMS Administration Console.

First, check and open any required ports.

For details see Required Ports for Cisco Meeting Server.

Setup User Credentials

If required, setup specific users to allow the Monitoring Server access to the API and CLI interfaces, refer to Setup Cisco Meeting Server User Credentials

Configure CDR Receiver

To provide a full range of call metrics, Call Detail Records (CDRs) need to be enabled on each Meeting Server.

Setup Syslog Messages

Ensure that the Cisco Meeting Server is configured to send Syslog messages, refer to Setup Syslog Messaging

Monitoring Server Configuration

The following configuration needs to be carried out on the Monitoring Server through the Administration tool of the Web Application.  However, if preferred or if the Web Application is not available, this configuration can be carried out through the Windows Client, for details see Server Configuration for Cisco Meeting Server using Windows Client.

Adding CMS Cluster/Server to Monitoring Server

The Monitoring Server requires IP connectivity to each Meeting Server.

Provide TLS Certificate for CMS CDR Collection

(Optional) If a HTTPS connection is going to be used, then this will need to be setup as shown in this topic.

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