Avaya IP Office Phones Display

The Avaya IP Office Phones Display provides a method of monitoring phone devices by either status or extension.

Accessing the Display

From the Web Application go to the second (Instance) navigation pane, expand the required Avaya IP Office PBX name and then click on the Phones item.

Display Data

This Display provides the following data;

Browse by Extension

The Browse by Extension panel shows a range of phone extension numbers and the number of devices in each range. Clicking on a number range will populate the bottom right panel with detailed information about all devices in that extension range.

Browse by Phone Status

Click on a Phone Type in the Up, Down or Total columns to obtain a list of phones in the bottom right panel the Display that match the selected criteria.

PBX Status

A list showing each device type and the number of associated devices in either an 'Up' or 'Down' status.

Select an Extension or Phone Status

After an Extension Range has been clicked in the 'Browse by Extension' panel, or a status is clicked in the 'Browse by Phone Status' panel, then the 'Select an Extension Range or Phone Status' panel will be populated with data. For an extension it will show the current status of the phone, the type and model of the phone and when it was last checked. For a status it will show a list of all extensions that are currently in the selected state. Click on an extension number to open the Avaya IP Office Phone Details Display.

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