Avaya IP Office Overview Display

This Display shows a list of all Avaya IP Office systems that have been configured for monitoring together with an indicator showing if the systems are currently contactable or not.

Accessing the Display

From the Web Application go to the first (Group) navigation pane, expand the 'PBXs' item and then click on the Avaya IP Offices group name

Display Data

This Display provides a list of each configured Avaya IP Office instance.


IP Office system name. Clicking on a system name in this column will open the Avaya IP Office PBX Display that will provide more detailed information on the selected device..


Customer name as set in the initial configuration.


Site/location name as set in the initial configuration.


Indicates if the PBX is contactable.

This Hour

Percentage 'Up' during the current hour.


Percentage 'Up' during the current day.

IP Address

IP address of the IP Office device.

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