Monitoring Avaya IP Office Data

A range of pre-packaged Displays specifically designed to present data collected from the monitored Avaya IP Office systems.

To access these Displays from the Web Application, go to the first (Group) navigation panel, and click on the Avaya IP Offices group name. This will populate the second (Instance) navigation panel with the  'All Avaya IP Offices' item together with a list of each monitored IP Office device. It will also open the Avaya IP Office Overview Display in the main panel. Expanding a device name in the second navigation panel will provide links giving direct access to a selection of data Displays.

The example Displays shown in this section are from the Web Application. Similar Displays are also available through the Windows Client with access from the Unified Communications and Collaboration Central Display. From this Display click on the  Avaya > IP Office >> link in the 'UCC Ecosystem' panel which is located on the left hand side of the screen. This link will open the Avaya IP Office Overview Display from where access is available to view specific device data.

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