Monitoring Avaya Aura Experience Portal Data

A range of pre-packaged Displays specifically designed to present data collected from the monitored Avaya Aura Experience Portal are provided.

Avaya AEP Servers

The Avaya AEP Servers Display is accessed from the Group navigation pane of the Web Application - View Systems tool by clicking on the Avaya AEP link.

The Avaya AEP Servers Display provides a list of all configured Avaya AEP servers. This list includes details such as; IP address, current status, host name, number of active calls, total number of unused H.323 outbound resources, total number of unused SIP outbound resources and the number of SNMP traps on the AEP system.  Clicking on a server name in the AEP column will open the Avaya Experience Portal Central Display which shows more detailed information for the selected server.

Avaya Experience Portal Central

The Avaya Experience Portal Central Display is accessed by clicking on a server name in the Avaya AEP Servers Display. Alternatively, it can be accessed by selecting an AEP Server name in the second navigation panel (Instance panel) of the Web Application. The Avaya Experience Portal Central Display shows detailed information for a specific server.

This Display provides details of any auxillary EPM servers, SNMP availability, raised Alerts and MPP servers. In addition, graphs are included that show. the number of unused sessions, the number of requests being processed and the number of active calls. In order to obtain 'SNMP Availability' and 'Prognosis Alerts' data, the Thresholds/Alerts for Avaya Aura Experience Portal needs to be running.

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