Configuration for Avaya Aura Contact Center

A number of configuration procedures need to be completed in order for the Monitoring Server to start collecting Avaya Aura Contact Center data. These procedures are:

Avaya Aura CC Setup

The following configurations need to be set up on the Avaya Aura CC server.

RTD User Account

In order to obtain data from AACC, Collaborate will need the 'userID' and 'password' parameters for the Avaya Real-Time Data (RTD) API.

WMI Configuration for Avaya Aura Contact Center

The Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interface is used to obtain certain data metrics, therefore it is important that WMI has been set up correctly.

Setup SNMP Trap Destination for Avaya Aura Contact Center

Setup the Monitoring Server as an SNMP Trap destination.

Monitoring Server Configuration

The following configuration needs to be carried out on the Monitoring Server through either the Web Application or the Windows Client.

Monitoring Server Configuration for Avaya Aura Contact Center

Details of the Avaya Aura CC server that is to be monitored plus the WMI and SQL credentials that will be used for monitoring need to be added to the configuration files on the Monitoring Server.

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