Avaya Aura Contact Center

Avaya Aura® Contact Center (AACC) is a suite of software applications that provide context-sensitive assisted voice and multimedia customer contact solutions that allow enterprises to anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions. Avaya Aura Contact Center intelligently routes up to six simultaneous multichannel contacts to the most appropriate resource through a unified agent interface. By creating a complete view of the customer and the context of their interaction, Avaya Aura Contact Center allows enterprises and organizations to manage the customer experience in a way that consistently delivers a superior level of engagement

Collaborate provides monitoring for a wide range of Avaya Aura Contact Center metrics, including the status of all components, centralized alarms and alerts, detailed 'contact center health' (i.e. calls waiting by queue, agents by state, calls waiting per application, IVR port status, licenses in use and application status), detailed agent information plus much more.

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