Avaya Agents Display

The Avaya Agents Display is accessed by clicking on the Agents link in the 'PBX Status' window in the bottom left of the Avaya PBX Display. It can also be opened from in the second navigation panel (Instance panel) of the Web Application by clicking on the Agents link under the required Avaya PBX name.

On the Agents Display, the 'Browse by Agent' window, located in the middle, shows a list of how many agents are allocated to the various ranges of Agent-login ID numbers.

Clicking on a drill-down in the Range column will populate the 'Select an Agent Range' window on the right.

The details shown in the Agents window include; the agent login ID, agent name, the telephone extension number that the agent is currently logged in to (the field will show 'unstaffed' if the agent is not logged in), restriction class, call handling preference assigned to this agent and the agent skill level.

A drill-down is available in the Extension (Extn) column that will open the Phone Details Display.

Avaya Agent Details

Clicking on a drill-down in the Login ID column will open the Avaya Agent Details Display. This Display contains detailed login ID and skill assignment information for a selected agent. For an explanation of the various fields on this Display please refer to the Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Administration documentation.

If the configuration procedure to link Agents and VDNs with Calls has been applied, as described in the Configuration for Avaya Aura Call Center Elite, then a list of calls associated with an agent can be obtained by clicking on the CDRs link at the top of this Display. Clicking this link will provide a list of calls associated with the selected agent in the last hour. Data for previous hours can be obtained by using the database slider control in the top right of the Display.

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