Node Grouping

Node Grouping provides the capability to make logical groupings of servers in the Nodes Navigator tree, for example;

Windows Nodes, HPE NonStop Nodes, UNIX Nodes, or

London Servers, New York Servers, Tokyo Servers

The Node Grouping is used to specify the 'node to monitor' in Displays, Thresholds, Analysts and Databases. It can also be used to specify the 'node to run on' for Thresholds, Analysts, Databases and Static configurations.

In addition to the Nodes Navigator Icons, the following icons represent various node groupings.

'All Nodes' node group

Static node group

Dynamic node group

Unknown node group

A number of pre-configured Node Groups are supplied, these include:

  • All Clusters

  • All Telephony Systems

  • Manager Nodes

  • NonStop Systems,

  • Unix and Linux Systems

  • This System

  • Windows Systems

These Node Groups have been created for specific functions and should not be deleted, added to or modified in any way.

The supplied 'Applications Node Group' can be modified with additional subgroups. For details of using this Node Group refer to Application Node Groups

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