Dispatch Manager

Dispatch Manager provides the ability to send pager messages (through a third-party service provider) or email messages in response to problems detected by Thresholds or Analyst Rules.

Before any messages can be sent, Dispatch Manager must be correctly configured, this entails such tasks as defining communications, service providers, groups and alert schedules. It is also necessary to have the following services organized:

  • To send pager messages there must be an account with a Pager Service Provider.

  • To send email alerts there must be an SMTP mail gateway installed on the server.

  • To send Help Desk emails, BMC Remedy Action Request System® must be installed.

Once the Dispatch Manager Configuration has been created it will then be necessary to create a Threshold that will detect the conditions requiring notification and add a message destination to that Threshold with a Dispatch Manager Profile or Group name.

For Dispatch Manager to function, ensure that the Dispatch Manager Configuration and the related Threshold are both running.

Dispman Configuration, including special characters

Some characters such as apostrophes ( ' ) can cause problems when used in various sections of the Dispatch Manager configuration, and most particularly in the email address field. This is due to the need to often use these special characters for modem initialization strings, etc.

The workaround is to use a forward slash, ( \ ) immediately prior to the apostrophe. This will indicate that the apostrophe is to be interpreted as an apostrophe, and not as a special character.

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