The Analyst is a function that runs behind the scenes automatically monitoring environments to detect system problems. Each Analyst is made up of one or more Analyst rules, these rules specify what the Analyst is to monitor and what action to take if a rule is broken.

The Analyst is supplied with the Enterprise Server Management product in the Infrastructure solutions, and the Automated Analyst is a stand-alone product available on HPE NonStop deployments.

The  icon in either the Document or Nodes Navigator of the Windows Client indicates Analyst documents. The following illustration shows an example of how an Analyst and its associated rules can be viewed in the Nodes Navigator.

Each Analyst rule can carry out the following functions:

  • Detect unusual system situations.

  • Collect relevant information to determine the situation’s source and status.

  • Provide analysis of the problem and suggest corrective action.

  • Execute commands through the command shell to automate recovery where defined recovery procedures have been defined.

A number of pre-packaged Analyst documents are provided. Each of these Analysts includes a default set of user modifiable rules for the analysis of common system problems, complete with suggested actions and automated recovery macros. These Analysts can be found in the Document Navigator of the Windows Client.

Additional rules can be defined to customize the pre-packaged Analysts for a specific environment or, if required, completely new Analyst documents can be created.

As the pre-packaged Analyst documents will be overwritten during a version upgrade, it is recommended that when customizing an existing Analyst that the original document is copied, and saved with a new name and then modified.
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