Alert Suppression

This feature is for use with Collaborate solutions only and the ASD license must be applied.

The 'Alert Suppression' feature is used to permanently or temporarily disable AMQP Alerts for a Prognosis Server, Device or Component associated with a customer. In addition, another function is available that can disable Thresholds for any specified Prognosis Server, irrespective of customer name. Using the Alert Suppression feature will eliminate unnecessary alerts being sent to operators when outages or 'down-times' are scheduled and already known, such as periods of system maintenance.

The suppression of alerts can be performed on either of the following four levels:

  • By Customer
  • By Server (per Customer)
  • By Device (per Server per Customer)
  • By Component (per Device per Server per Customer)

The level of granularity is configurable and depends on the environment. In special scenarios, for example, Service Providers, there may be permanent requirements to suppress devices and components on shared infrastructure for specific customers if the device/component is not assigned to that customer.

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