ARFax Diagnostic Tool

ARFax is a diagnostic tool for Reporting Advanced solutions.  It is used to gather key information to help resolve Reporting Advanced installation issues.

The ARFax tool should be run and the output provided when submitting any Trouble tickets to Integrated Research Support staff.

Features of ARFax

  • Can be run on all Reporting Advanced Deployments (even custom models)
  • Includes the ETL Log, when available. ARFax can’t collect the ETL log in small single server deployments or in cases where the ETL is run on a different server to the SQL server.
  • Shows disk space used by tables and file partitions
  • List tables in both Source and Datamart databases

Running the Tool

Logon to the Reporting Server

Open a Command Prompt and locate the Deployment folder for the SQL Reporting solution. In the example below, the solution is UC

Run the following commands:

> cd \Prognosis\Server\Configuration\BigDataInsight\UC
> arfax.bat

The output from the command is recorded in arfax.csv, forward this file to IR Support staff.



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