Thresholds and Alerts for SQL Reporting Solutions

SQL Reporting Solutions has the capability for self-monitoring, providing early warning alerts to system administrators when any issues are found with the Database Collections, the SQL Server and the ETL Job status. This capability uses a Threshold which is continually monitoring Database Collections used for the SQL Reporting Solution and the SQL Server health.

The Threshold is created and started when SQL Reporting is installed.

The Threshold monitors the state of the Database Collections, the SQL Server status and the ETL Job status. The Threshold alerts when any failures are seen in any of these components.

The installed Threshold name is dependant on the solution installed, there is one for DynamicThresholds, PRM, Transactions and Unified Communications.

The Unified Communications Threshold is provided:

Starting Thresholds/Alerts

This Threshold is automatically started during the SQL Reporting setup script.

If the threshold is stopped for any reason, then it can be restarted using ircmd and starting the automatically created threshold command document, called BDi<deployment-name>.the.pcmd.

For example:

For a UC Deployment named 'UC', they would be restarted with the following command.

> cd \Prognosis\Server\Configuration
> ..\ircmd.exe BigDataInsight\UC\PrognosisScripts\deployed\BDIUC.thr.pcmd
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