BigDataInsight Overview Display

This dashboard provides an overview of the SQL Reporting system for both the Database Collections as well as the state of the SQL Server ETL jogs and filegroups.

Accessing the Display

Refer to Monitoring SQL Reporting Solutions Server Status to open the BigDataInsight Overview page.

Display Data

This display shows several run-time behaviors of the SQL Reporting system.

ETL Status (Graphs and Table)

The graphs and Status of Recent ETLs show the current state and history of the ETL jog runs. This includes the duration of each ETL and how much data was extracted. The trends for these graphs should be flat, so any anomalies will be seen by dips or spikes in these graphs. Wild variations is a sign something may be wrong.

If there are two or more reporting solutions installed, they will show as different colors, as per the legend.

If an ETL reports an error or does not complete it will be marked in Red - isolated errors are not a concern, but multiple or hanging ETLs should be investigated. If no rows are extracted, that will be marked in Orange. For some systems, the occasion empty ETL will be fine during off-peak hours, but generally, it indicated there is an issue with a connection or data not been collected upstream.

Partitions/Filegroups Status

SQL Reporting divides the Fact data we collection into partitions on SQL systems that support it.

The display lists the partition that exists, how much space they are occupying, how much space is expected that they might occupy in the future and how much space is available on the drive(s) the partition is on.

This simple overview of space usage can alert users to the possibility of running out of space prior to it causing system failure. This table includes a visual alert when the estimated usage rises enough to imply the space available will be insufficient.

Database Collection Status

Reports of the status of various database collections on the Reporting Server.

This will visually alarm if a connection has gone down, and also if the SAF facility starts running out of space.

A value of '****' in the Records Last Interval means that the collection never received any data since starting the instance. For UC, this is common to see on 1-3 collections, depending on which UC systems you have installed (e.g. Cisco uses the 10Sec collection and Skype for Business does not). However, zeros present may be a cause of concern if low data volume isn't common.

Error Logs

Opens the BigDataInsight Error Logs Display display which shows the DB ErrorLog Table and any Database Connection Errors

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