Monitoring SQL Reporting Solutions Server Status

It is possible to monitor the status of the Microsoft SQL Server and the Database Collections to see how the system is performing. This is a new feature introduced in version 11.6, called Self Monitoring. Self Monitoring provides a set of displays, which are driven using customized Thresholds for SQL Reporting solutions. Further details on these thresholds refer to Thresholds and Alerts for SQL Reporting Solutions.

To access these displays from the Web Application, go to the Group navigation pane, expand the Infrastructure item and then click on the Windows link. Then on the Instance navigation pane click on the 'Reporting Server' name. In the main dashboard, click on Prognosis Status under the Server Navigation section. From the link near the top of the dashboard, click on Reporting, this will open the BigDataInsight Overview Display display. If the link is not present, then the server selected is not licensed for SQL Reporting.

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