One of the default entries in the PASSWORD Configuration includes the 'COMMAND:PROGNOSIS’ entry, as illustrated below. This entry can be used by Analysts and Thresholds (and is used by the default Windows Analyst) to instruct any Command processing to run as the Local System Account (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) and not the user that started the Analyst or Threshold.

This entry is only used on Windows operating systems and is not applicable for HPE NonStop or UNIX machines.

In order to safeguard who can run Analysts and Threshold it is recommended to modify the SECURITY Configuration to limit access to the PASSWORDS Configuration entry to specific users. See SECURITY Configuration for further details.

Some older Analyst documents may need to be modified to use this entry so that they can function as expected.


If the COMMAND:PROGNOSIS entry does not appear in the PASSWORDS Configuration or should it be accidentally deleted, it can be added back by inserting the COMMAND:PROGNOSIS Entry Name then checking the 'Password Only' box and leaving the actual password field blank. Select the Start button to implement the updated PASSWORDS Configuration.

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