PASSWORDS Configuration for PostgreSQL

By default, the following roles are set up in PostgreSQL and for security are stored in the PASSWORDS Configuration.

RoleDefault PasswordPurpose
postgrespostgresused to access the PostgreSQL database
prognosisprognosisused to access the PostgreSQL database
replicationreplicationused for HA replication

These roles will initially be set up with default passwords during installation. As PostgreSQL is included with the installation on each MS Windows machine, it is recommended to change these passwords on all installations in order to increase security.

The usernames (match to the Roles) for these password entries cannot be changed.

When the password is changed on the PostgreSQL instance, the PASSWORDS Configuration must also be updated so that internal connections will be successful.

The PASSWORDS Configuration can be updated by using the Updating the PASSWORDS Configuration procedure.

PostgreSQL specific PASSWORD Entries

Entry Name


Default Password








* These usernames cannot be changed

The 'sfbuser' user password is not configurable using the PASSWORDS Configuration, see PostgreSQL Password Configuration

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